Dane County New Horizons Music Inc
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Can I be supportive without joining the band?

We are seeking individuals interested in collaborating in the development of additional non-profit ensembles. Collaborators can be musicians, business leaders, and others interested in establishing a program that can offer the physical and mental health benefits that music-making can bring to the mature person.

How do I get started?

For specific questions, or to be added to our email list for future updates, please see our Contact page.

How do I join the band?

If you wish more information on membership, please complete our membership form. Once we have this form, our director and/or president will contact you to provide more information. You may sit in on a rehearsal before becoming a member. After that, you become a member of the band by providing some basic contact information and by paying our membership fee.

I've never played before or stopped playing after graduation and don't have an instrument. What do I do?

Our directors are happy to assist you with choosing the right instrument for you. We also can refer you to resources for renting, rent-to-buy, and purchasing an instrument as well as persons who can offer private lessons.

How much does it cost?

Our goal as a non-profit is to make the cost of membership as reasonable and as high value as possible. We operate on a three-month quarterly basis and payment is by the quarter. See our Fees page for details. If you feel you would benefit from private lessons, these are available from a number of independent teachers who set their own fees, schedules, etc.

Are you affiliated with any other music groups?

Dane County New Horizons Music is a proud member of the Association of Concert Bands and the New Horizons International Music Association. Additionally, we maintain a blanket licenses to perform copyrighted music through ASCAP & BMI.